Nathan Broslawsky

Engineering Leader. Polymath. Optimist.

Scrum Team Management

Having team members organized in different cross-functional Product Teams or Scrum Teams can bring a tremendous amount of value to an organization. Unfortunately, the role of the manager of those team members can be ambiguous if not deliberately established. By leveraging one-on-ones, becoming an expert in pattern matching, focusing on long-term professional development, and developing systems for acquiring and delivering feedback, the manager can leverage this structure to improve the employee experience and develop leaders within the organization. »

Agile as a Communication Framework

The root cause of the frustrations that many teams experience adopting Agile or Scrum is that they embrace the ceremonies, rather than the communication framework that it offers. If teams focus first on the types of conversations available to them, they will more effectively (and efficiently) be able to operate as a team, execute on a shared plan, hold each other accountable on a daily basis, and feed the lessons back into the system. »

The Right Manager

As increasing emphasis is put on developing leaders, an often-overlooked aspect is if the employee actually has the right manager for them. »